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Distribution of professional cosmetics
Essence of projec
A separate direction on creating of professional marks, which takes the features of the promotion of this segment. The development of all professional brands closely overlaps with our other project - Academy of Style.
Expansion the pack of professional brands in direction of: cosmetics, hair care products, products for nail, body and face care.
Opportunities for brands cooperating with
Building a brand distribution through: salons, professional cosmetics shops, school of beauty. Organization a variety of activities to promotion as small workshops as well as large presentations.
Decorative cosmetics, Russia
Professional cosmetics and accessories to make-up artists. The range of brand - new masters really need the products that multi-tasking, they are quick and easy to operate.
Body care, Italy
Natural cosmetics based on algae. The main direction of the brand: high-performance anti-cellulite products, as well as the means for body correction.

Products for eyebrows, Russia
The Lucas' Cosmetics company is engaged in the production and sale of materials for eyebrows. All the products of the company are made together with Indian partners. Innovative technology of care and henna eyebrows staining with the effect of tattooing.
Products for nail service, France
Premium brand for manicure. The main feature of the production - carefully refers to the nails. The assortment includes products for gel nail design, gel lacquers, tools and cosmetics for hands care.
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Do you want to talk about cooperation?
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